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News readers’ top questions about coronavirus in San Antonio answered

So far, there have been 84 confirmed cases and three deaths in San Antonio associated with coronavirus.

Across Texas, the death toll grew to 18 as the number of cases climbed to 1,396, according to a state database.

The highest number of cases by county stands at 303 for Dallas San Antonio News County; another 185 in Harris County; and 119 in Travis County.

Governor Greg Abbott is expected to give another update on Thursday afternoon about the state's efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19.

We will live stream his remarks when he speaks. The press conference is set for approximately 2 p.m.

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The San Antonio Express-News is here to answer your questions about the novel coronavirus, from where to get tested to whether you should shelter in place. The virus has sparked a global pandemic and is spreading across the country, with potentially catastrophic consequences to public health and the economy.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency has also announced that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will offer landlords mortgage forbearance if they don’t evict tenants.

Once you have caught and run the Covid-19 cycle, are you immune to catching it again?

Probably, but with caveats.

Other coronaviruses that cause the common cold create antibodies that last for about one to three years. Scientists suspect the novel coronavirus generates a similar response. But it’s unclear how long people infected by the virus will remain immune.

If someone gets the virus, is there a breathing exercise (such as deep breathing) that might be helpful for recovery?

No. If someone gets the virus and is seriously ill, they might need a breathing machine, i.e. a ventilator, to stay alive.

It seems that the only stats we get are a running total of positive infections and deaths. Won't it be helpful to know how many people are in the hospital for COVID and new admissions and releases?

Yes, that would be helpful. The San Antonio Express-News has Press Release Distribution Services In San Antonio  requested this information from both the city and the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council but has not yet received it.

Can we replace a wood fence at our residence while we are doing shelter in place as long as we meet the requirement of social distancing?

Absolutely. This is an opportune moment in history for some home improvement.

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