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San Antonio has received 1,600 calls for stay-at-home violations

Since the city's Declaration of Public Health Emergency, more than 1,600 calls have submitted to the city of San Antonio about businesses and individuals violating the order, officials said.

City officials say more than 1,600 residents have called in complaints of others or businesses violating stay-at-home orders since San Antonio's Public Health Emergency Declaration on March 18.
As of Monday, city departments and the San Antonio Police Department have received 1,647 calls, 20 of which have resulted in citations, according to officials. Another 1,017 locations have been given warnings.

Last Friday alone, the city responded to 123 calls and issued seven citations to businesses that refuse to close under the stay-at-home orders, officials said.
A majority of the city's citations have gone to the various locations of Planet K, a vape shop with six stores across San Antonio. The violations note the shops were open and customers were inside at the time of contact. The violation notes also indicate the shop owner told the employees to stay open.
"Owner refused to close and said he is within his rights to be open," according to officials. On social media, the chain of vape shops, say they consider themselves as essential as any convenience store.
Between March 18 and April 4, Planet K had 17  citations. Others cited included two separate barbershops and individuals at an apartment complex.
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