A New Ghostbusters Game Is On The Way, According To Winston Zeddemore Actor

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Hot connected the heels of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, it seems a caller crippled based connected everyone’s favourite busters could beryllium connected the way. 

That’s according to Winston Zeddemore actor, Ernie Hudson, astatine least. Hudson told YouTube transmission Countdown City Geeks that a caller 1 is connected the mode and that scheduling for signaling voice-over is underway, arsenic reported by Nintendo Life. Hudson besides said chap Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd, who plays Ray Stantz successful the films, is attached to the crippled arsenic well. 

“I conscionable got an email due to the fact that we’re doing different video game,” Hudson told Countdown City Geeks. “They’re scheduling it present to bash the signaling and I’m not excessively definite [who is] going to bash it. I cognize maine and [Dan Aykroyd], I think. I’m not definite [if Bill Murray] volition bash thing connected it. So, determination volition beryllium different video game…When they’ll bring it out, I don’t know, but it’s decidedly happening.” 

Speaking further astir the game, Hudson said whoever is processing it is sending him “prototypes of the quality to get the representation right.” He said the squad seems to person a hard clip creating his image, citing that portion whoever is processing it is capable to nail down Murray and Aykroyd’s likeness, helium ever ends up “looking similar Eddie Murphy oregon somebody.” 

At the clip of this writing, immoderate Ghostbusters crippled Hudson is referring to has not been officially announced truthful it seems the histrion fto gaffe thing helium (probably) wasn’t expected to. While waiting to larn more, cheque retired our thoughts connected the 2009 crippled successful Game Informer’s Ghostbusters review and past work astir however it was precocious remastered and re-released successful 2019. Check retired Game Informer’s reappraisal of the 2016 Ghostbusters game aft that.  

[Source: Nintendo Life]

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