Apple Could Be the First $3 Trillion Company. Why Its Rally Won’t Stop There.

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Updated December 12, 2021 / Original December 10, 2021

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Apple shares person been connected a ferocious tear, up 34% twelvemonth to date, leaving it little than 5% distant from a $3 trillion marketplace capitalization, a milestone ne'er deed by immoderate different nationalist company. The rally includes a startling 18% spurt successful conscionable the past 4 weeks, a play successful which the S&P 500 has improved little than 2%.

It’s an astonishing performance. Keep successful caput that there’s lone 1 different company—Microsoft—with a marketplace headdress supra $2 trillion, and conscionable 3 others—Alphabet,, and Tesla—above $1 trillion. Founded in...

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