Back 4 Blood Developer Turtle Rock Studios Acquired by Tencent

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Tencent is making different large crippled improvement acquisition with the acquisition of Turtle Rock Studios' genitor institution Slamfire, Inc, which includes Turtle Rock successful the deal.

According to a property merchandise shared with Game Informer, the Left 4 Dead and Evolve developers volition stay an autarkic cognition astatine its existent Lake Forest, California office. It was besides noted that contempt the studio's astir caller merchandise Back 4 Blood, which was published by Warner Bros. Games, the crippled and its continued development will not beryllium affected. 

Steve Goldstein, president and wide manager of Turtle Rock, had this to accidental astir the acquisition, "Tencent’s outstanding partners, planetary reach, heavy cognition of gaming and unprecedented enactment volition assistance america make the kinds of ambitious games we imagination of, portion allowing america to clasp our autonomy and autarkic spirit.”

Tencent, for the uninitiated, is simply a monolithic Chinese holdings institution that has investments each implicit the video crippled landscape. Here are immoderate different companies you whitethorn oregon whitethorn not cognize that Tencent has a involvement in:

Riot Games
Epic Games
Activision Blizzard
Paradox Interactive
Sumo Group
Remedy Entertainment
Roblox Corporation
Bloober Team
Dontnod Entertainment
Klei Entertainment

And galore more. The supra names correspond anyplace from 100% ownership successful the lawsuit of Riot Games to a tiny involvement similar Tencent's 5% ownership successful Ubisoft. With this newest acquisition of Turtle Rock and Slamfire, Tencent is bolstering its gaming portfolio adjacent further with the seasoned improvement talent.

No merchantability terms was fixed astatine the clip this communicative was written, nor were immoderate details of immoderate caller games Turtle Rock whitethorn beryllium moving connected past its existent responsibilities regarding Back 4 Blood.

What would you similar to spot from Tencent's purchase of Turtle Rock Studios? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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