Biden Refuses to Accept Putin’s ‘Red Line’ On Ukraine As Republicans Whine

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If determination was ever 1 taxable that a idiosyncratic would deliberation the GOP wouldn’t touch, it would beryllium thing involving President Biden and Russia.

There is simply a quaint aged conception that authorities stops astatine the water’s edge. Thus, erstwhile Trump went to Finland to conscionable with Vladimir Putin, Trump was determination arsenic “our president.” As such, we watched “our president” stoop earlier Putin and instrumentality Putin’s broadside over our entire quality community. The precise information that it happened was humiliating, but the assemblage connection and “feel” of the full property league made it worse.

Trump begged for Russia’s readmission into the G8 contempt the information that Russia was kicked retired owed to their aggression against Ukraine, annexing Crimea, and had since lone intensified the aggression and threat.

One would deliberation that the GOP would privation to simply let Biden to grip Russia arsenic champion helium could without criticism, particularly arsenic the concern looks dire.

According to Politico:

Ukrainian officials person said Russia could invade adjacent month. Ukraine’s defence minister, Oleksii Reznikov, said the fig of Russian troops adjacent Ukraine and successful Russia-annexed Crimea is estimated astatine 94,300, and warned that a “large-scale escalation” is imaginable successful January.

Thus Biden and Putin person a telephone telephone planned for Tuesday.

There is nary question that President Biden has made Putin’s beingness acold much miserable since taking office. Again, according to Politico:

His medication has imposed sanctions against Russian targets and called retired Putin for the Kremlin’s interference successful U.S. elections, cyberactivity against American companies and the attraction of absorption fig Alexei Navalny, who was poisoned past twelvemonth and aboriginal imprisoned.

When Putin and Biden met successful Geneva successful June, Biden warned that if Russia crossed definite reddish lines — including going aft large American infrastructure — his medication would respond and “the consequences of that would beryllium devastating.”

But ever since Biden’s Nord Stream 2 determination (the pipeline to Germany that was much astir Germany than accommodating Russia,) the GOP has gone aft Biden arsenic anemic connected Russia. As characterized successful a anterior Politico article:

“It’s similar their caller caravan, oregon borderline wall, oregon ‘lock her up’ rallying cry,” a legislature Democratic adjutant told NatSec Daily. “These guys didn’t springiness a s— astir this contented until it got weaponized into governmental theatre to assertion Biden is anemic connected Russia.”

“We’re not amazed that immoderate Republicans are making atrocious religion governmental arguments and playing authorities with our nationalist information by blocking captious authorities and holding up qualified nationalist information nominees,” a White House spokesperson told NatSec Daily.

On the mentation that Biden is “weak” connected Russia? Even immoderate of the astir cynical governmental observers could beryllium amazed that the GOP would negociate specified a u-turn, 1 made not adjacent a afloat twelvemonth aft the astir pro-Russian president successful history.

One happening is certain, with 94,000 Russian troops massed connected Ukraine’s borderline and with neither Putin nor Biden backing down, it is each excessively imaginable that the United States champion beryllium prepared to talk with 1 dependable regarding the concern and halt utilizing Ukraine’s dire concern arsenic yet different governmental conception connected Hannity.

Lives are astatine stake. A erstwhile Soviet republic with a young and comparatively unchangeable ideology could beryllium toppled (a first). It is simply a clip for superior radical and we support looking for them successful the GOP, and looking, and looking….

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