Biden Struggles to Beat Back a Resurgent Virus Once Again

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A caller variant and vaccine absorption person upended the president’s plans for a hopeful vacation season.

A enactment     extracurricular  of a investigating  halfway  successful  Brooklyn connected  Friday. Vaccine effectiveness has waned amid the Delta and Omicron variants.
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Michael D. Shear

Dec. 17, 2021, 7:48 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — The latest surge of the coronavirus is different reminder for President Biden of however hard it is to get up of the pandemic.

Vaccine effectiveness has waned successful the onslaught of Delta and Omicron. A spike successful request for investigating is straining the system. And masks stay a governmental contented crossed the country.

Nearly a twelvemonth into his presidency, Mr. Biden’s committedness to “shut down the virus, not the country” remains lone partially fulfilled. Stubborn absorption to vaccines among millions and the accomplishment of the fast-spreading caller variant person upended the president’s plans for a hopeful, end-of-the-year vacation season.

Just a week earlier Christmas, Mr. Biden had to connection a informing of gloom.

“We are looking astatine a wintertime of terrible unwellness and decease — if you’re unvaccinated — for themselves, their families, and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm,” Mr. Biden said astatine the White House connected Thursday. “The full constituent is: Omicron is here, it’s going to commencement to dispersed overmuch much rapidly successful the opening of the year, and the lone existent extortion is to get your shots.”

Issuing dire caller warnings is not wherever Mr. Biden oregon his apical advisers expected they would beryllium astatine this constituent successful the year.

The program was to overwhelm the microorganism with vaccines that would each but halt its dispersed and let the state to afloat reopen. In July, Mr. Biden went truthful acold arsenic to state the federation adjacent to “independence from a deadly virus.’’ When the Delta variant upended those plans, Mr. Biden accelerated efforts to present vaccinations and booster shots to arsenic galore Americans arsenic possible.

But by the extremity of this week, immoderate schools, restaurants and theaters had closed and galore Americans felt they were backmost wherever they started 2 years ago. Mr. Biden’s wellness advisers did what they could to overgarment a brighter picture.

“Unlike past winter, we present person the powerfulness to support ourselves,” Jeff Zients, the president’s coronavirus effect coordinator, told reporters. “Our vaccines enactment against Omicron, particularly for radical who get booster shots erstwhile they are eligible.”

Rochelle Walensky, the manager of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that erstwhile vaccinated radical get sick from Omicron, “these cases are milder oregon asymptomatic.”

The reassurances person done small to assistance Mr. Biden politically arsenic a pandemic present entering its 3rd twelvemonth continues to measurement connected his presidency.


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The 3rd — and largest — portion of his economical docket has stalled successful Congress due to the fact that of ongoing battles successful his ain party. Mr. Biden’s pledge to support voting rights with authorities remains abbreviated of the votes needed for passage. And his committedness to yet connection a way to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants was dealt different setback by the Senate parliamentarian this week.

Perhaps astir ominously, Mr. Biden volition participate 2022, a midterm predetermination year, amid increasing concerns astir the economy, conscionable erstwhile helium hoped a receding pandemic would amended voters’ outlook. Unemployment is adjacent grounds lows but rising inflation, successful portion due to the fact that of pandemic proviso concatenation problems and pent-up user demand, is driving dissatisfaction with Mr. Biden.

A caller NBC News poll showed conscionable 37 percent of Americans o.k. of the president’s handling of the economy, portion 56 percent disapprove. An ABC/IPSOS poll showed akin results, with much than two-thirds saying they disapprove of however the president is handling the contented of inflation.

White House officials person said repeatedly that they judge the public’s feelings astir their economical plight is shaped — and soured — by the pandemic. Asked wherefore truthful galore radical disapprove of the president’s economical policies, Jen Psaki, the White House property secretary, blamed what she called microorganism fatigue.

The Coronavirus Pandemic: Key Things to Know

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“We’re inactive successful the mediate of warring a planetary pandemic, and radical are sick and bushed of that; we are too,” she told reporters astatine a caller White House briefing. “And it impacts however radical are surviving their lives, their fearfulness astir sending their kids retired the door, astir going to work.”

The president’s program for getting the federation done the wintertime surge includes booster shots for each adults, an enlargement of at-home investigating paid for by wellness security plans, tougher rules for planetary travel, the usage of caller anti-viral pills to assistance forestall hospitalization, and caller efforts to support schools open.

On Friday, the C.D.C. announced a caller argumentation successful which adjacent unvaccinated students who are exposed to the microorganism tin stay successful schoolhouse arsenic agelong arsenic they trial antagonistic doubly successful the days aft the exposure. The alleged test-to-stay protocol is intended to assistance the nation’s schools enactment unfastened during the latest surge.

Mr. Biden is near with doubling down connected the attack helium has taken for astir of the year: pleading with Americans to get vaccinated.

“Go get your changeable today,” helium said connected Thursday. “Go get boosted if you’ve had your archetypal 2 shots. If you haven’t, spell get your archetypal shot. It’s time. It’s time. It’s past time. And we’re going to support our economical betterment if we bash this. We’re going to support schools and businesses unfastened if we bash this. And I privation to spot everyone astir to bask that. I privation to spot them bask the information that they’re capable to beryllium successful school, that businesses are unfastened and the holidays are coming.”

The question for Mr. Biden and his squad is whether thing they are doing tin assistance soothe the psyches of Americans arsenic they brace for perchance much months of Zoom meetings, canceled sports games and masks.

In his Friday briefing, Mr. Zients sought to guarantee the nationalist that “this is not a infinitesimal to panic, due to the fact that we cognize however to support radical and we person to tools to bash it.”

“But,” helium added, “we request the American radical to bash their part.”

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