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Press releases are an important part of any business' marketing strategy. They can help you build brand recognition, promote your products and services, and attract new customers. But if you're like most small businesses, writing press releases is something that seems daunting at best and impossible at worst! Luckily for people like us who want to learn how to write a press release but don't have much experience with this kind of thing (or any experience), there are plenty of tools online that will walk you through the process step by step so that nothing goes wrong along the way—and when it does go wrong (which will happen), they'll have guides on how to fix those problems too! So let's dive right into our guide for how to write a press release

You can use the following 5 Ws to help you write a compelling business press release:

  • What is the story about?

  • Who is involved?

  • Where did it happen? (location, date, etc.)

  • When did it happen? (date)

  • Why did it happen? (reason for why this happened)

The H word is simply shorthand for “and/or.” The H can be used with any of the above elements to expand on them, making sure that readers understand what they're learning in your release.

Find a compelling angle for your story

The first step in writing a press release is to find a compelling angle for your story. This might be something that's easy for you and your company, or it may be something more difficult—but either way, you want it to be relevant and newsworthy.

For example: if you run an online business selling travel products like backpacks, then maybe the best angle would be "the power of good posture." Maybe there's another interesting angle... maybe there aren't any? No matter what happens in the end (because we all know that sometimes nothing goes according to plan), finding some kind of hook will help give readers something they can latch onto so they'll keep reading and eventually come back for more information about what makes this company unique compared with others like them in their industry category.

It doesn't have anything at all do with selling products; instead it focuses on providing solutions based on health issues such as poor posture while also giving advice on how people can improve their lives through proper nutrition habits like eating right foods every day regardless whether anyone else knows about those things yet because otherwise who cares anyway since no one else does either but hey look over here! We're doing these things because we believe strongly enough about our beliefs ourselves so therefore why wouldn't anyone else want similar results from doing likewise themselves too?"

Include relevant important quote(s)

You should include a quote in your press release that is relevant to the story and concise. The quote should be from someone who has something important to say about the topic, such as an expert or industry leader.

You can also use a quote from your company website or social media posts; however, it's best to avoid using personal opinions of any kind when writing a press release because they could lead people away from what you're trying to say and make them think differently about your product or service than how you intended it for consumers.

Write a human interest story

The human interest story is the heart of your press release for business. You want to tell a story about a customer, so you can talk about their success and challenges in detail.

You should also give them a voice by writing their name and describing what they’re doing for your company in their own words, rather than just repeating what you said.

This may be difficult at first because it might feel unnatural, but once you practice enough it will become second nature!

Make it more about the customer than your company

The best press releases have a human interest angle. If you're writing about your company, make sure it's not just a promotional piece that focuses on your products and services. Instead, think about how this news will affect the lives of potential customers—and what they might do with the knowledge they gain from reading your article or watching your video.

Don't be overly promotional in your writing style; even if you've done all the hard work to get something published online, there's no need for excessive verbiage! Make sure that any information included in the release is relevant enough so that people will want to read it anyway (and then maybe share it with others).

Don't be overly promotional

You should also be mindful of how you write. Your tone should be conversational and transparent. Don't use flowery language or try to impress readers with fancy words or phrases; they will only confuse them and make them less likely to pay attention to what you're saying.

Finally, don't be overly promotional—you want people reading your press release because they're interested in what it has to say, not because they want a gift card from your store!

Writing press releases can help you build brand recognition and promote your business.

Writing press releases can help you build brand recognition and promote your business. It's a great way to get the word out about your company, attract new customers, and get the media interested in what you have to offer.

Here are some of the ways that writing a good press release can benefit your business:

  • Builds brand recognition - It’s hard for consumers not to notice an offer from one of their favorite brands or products when they see it in print or online. By putting up an informational piece about yourself (the product), you'll be able to show off everything that makes up who you are as well as what makes up this specific offering from your company—all while increasing its value for potential consumers. This is especially important if there isn't much competition within a given industry category because it allows consumers who might otherwise not know about something like yours so easily discover just how beneficial it could be for them too!


Writing a business press releases is a great way to build your brand and get more exposure for your business. The key here is to focus on the customer, not just about your company. Make sure you include relevant quotes from customers or other experts that can help readers understand what makes your product or service unique.

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