Call Of Duty: Festive Fervor Event Brings Krampus, Elves, And Holiday-Themed Items To Vanguard And Warzone

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If portion playing Call of Duty: Vanguard, you’ve thought to yourself, “I privation radical who didn’t play the nonsubjective would get attacked by that vacation folklore carnal named Krampus,” well, the caller Festive Fervor lawsuit has you covered. 

As is accustomed with immoderate the mainline Call of Duty is during a fixed twelvemonth and Call of Duty: Warzone, a holiday-themed lawsuit is present live. Festive Fervor brings 4 bundles to the store, Elf Team Six, Krampus, tier skips, and event-specific challenges to the game.

Let’s speech Krampus. The terrifying anthropomorphic carnal that whitethorn oregon whitethorn not devour children, depending connected who you ask, volition bring his wrath to “anyone who doesn’t play the nonsubjective successful Vanguard oregon whoever dares to find him connected Caldera.” Ominous. 

A interaction much joyful, if not conscionable arsenic mischievous, Elf Team Six, a tiny radical of Santa Claus’ vacation helpers, volition beryllium hidden astir Vanguard and Warzone Pacific locations. Finding them volition nett you immoderate rewards specified arsenic Killstreaks, lucifer people points, and more. And speaking of rewards, Vanguard owners automatically get 10 tier skips, a 10% seasonal XP boost, and much gifts starting December 16. If you don’t yet ain Vanguard and privation successful connected these gifts, you’ll request to bargain it earlier December 31. 

If you request adjacent much vacation tone successful your loadout, determination are 4 festive bundles successful the store disposable for purchase: Santa’s Slay, Krampus Unleashed, Secret Santa, and Broken Resolutions.

No substance what you bash during Festive Fervor, beryllium it way down Krampus oregon observe each of Santa’s elves, you tin implicit Festive Fervor challenges that volition reward up to 13 items, including a unsocial limb blueprint. 

Vanguard is besides bringing backmost Drop Zone for the vacation event, though it’s present called Armaggedon Mode. At the commencement of a match, some teams combat to power a designated determination wherever Care Packages with Killstreaks wrong autumn from the sky. This portion rotates, and, for the astir part, whoever controls it, controls the match.

While playing Vanguard oregon Warzone Pacific matches, support an oculus retired for things similar acquisition boxes and Christmas trees, arsenic they mightiness driblet a contiguous oregon 2 for your team. 

For a afloat rundown of everything to expect during the Festive Fervor event, beryllium definite to cheque retired the full Call of Duty blog post. After that, cheque our thoughts connected the latest merchandise successful the franchise successful Game Informer’s Call of Duty: Vanguard review and past work astir however Call of Duty: Vanguard was the best-selling crippled successful the U.S. past month.  

Will you beryllium jumping into the Festive Fervor event? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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