Copper and Silver Have Taken Very Different Paths. Where Prices Might Be Headed Next Year.

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Updated December 12, 2021 / Original December 9, 2021

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Copper shavings for melting successful a foundry. Copper prices are connected way for 3 consecutive years of gains.

Oliver Bunic/Bloomberg

Copper and metallic person taken antithetic paths this year, with planetary economical maturation and choky supplies contributing to a third-straight twelvemonth of gains for copper. But metallic has failed to summation traction and is connected way to endure its biggest yearly nonaccomplishment since 2014.

“Generally, erstwhile copper outperforms silver, it means expectations are precise optimistic for the planetary economy,” says Decio Nascimento, main concern serviceman astatine planetary macro hedge money Norbury Partners. At the aforesaid time, “expectations of higher planetary growth, inflation,...

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