Dead By Daylight: New Chapter Based On The Ring Releasing This March

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Dead by Daylight just released its archetypal communicative chapter, Portrait of a Murder, 2 weeks ago, but it seems Behaviour Interactive is already hard astatine enactment connected what’s adjacent for the asymmetrical fearfulness game: Ringu. 

Ringu was archetypal released successful 1998 successful Japan by manager Hideo Nakata earlier it was remade arsenic The Ring successful the West by manager Gore Verbinski, who would nonstop a trio of Pirates of the Caribbean movies for Disney (weird directorial jump, right?). Already a celebrated fearfulness icon successful Japan, Verbinski’s instrumentality further solidified the communicative of The Ring (and Ringu) arsenic a classical successful the genre. Now we’re each frightened of videotapes, wells, and scary radical emerging retired of television screens. Behaviour Interactive volition revive those fears with its newest chapter, owed retired successful March of 2022. 

“A cardinal portion of fearfulness past is joining Dead By Daylight’s expansive roster,” the announcement reads. “Prepare for Ringu to dispersed its curse crossed The Fog, with a caller section inspired by Koji Suzuki’s caller and the archetypal acclaimed movie adaptation. Koji Suzuki’s Ring, primitively published successful 1991, began the haunting communicative of a spreading curse and its doomed victims. In 1998, the caller was adapted into a Japanese diagnostic movie of the aforesaid sanction (widely known arsenic Ringu to North American audiences) instantly adding a caller beingness into the pantheon of cinematic fearfulness icons.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of The Ring oregon Ringu, it centers astir a videotape that tells viewers they’ll dice successful 7 days. A vengeful spirit emerges retired of a TV, and it’s apt that said vengeful tone – you know, the miss wearing a achromatic formal with achromatic hairsbreadth – volition beryllium the slayer players stalk astir a good with successful Dead By Daylight adjacent March. 

“We are precise excited for the collaboration with Behaviour Interactive and the Dead by Daylight team,” Kadokawa shaper Reiko Imayasu says successful the announcement. “We’ll beryllium sending 1 of our astir haunting characters to the Fog to determination down horrors that volition rival each the large predecessors.”

Behaviour Interactive teases that players volition request to hold longer than 7 days to larn much astir this section of Dead by Daylight. While waiting, work astir the recently-released Portrait of a Murder chapter and past check retired its merchandise trailer. Find retired why Dead by Daylight is connected Game Informer’s database of the apical 10 fearfulness games to play close now aft that. 

Are you excited astir this Dead by Daylight x Ringue chapter? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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