Former Federal Prosecutor Kirschner “Guarantees” Trump Prosecution on Evidence Available

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Prosecutors wrong DOJ, each implicit the state successful U.S. Attorneys’ offices, person a combined complaint to conviction ratio supra 99% convictions. At first, that mightiness look similar the astir unthinkable stat 1 has ever heard, and see national prosecutors the champion successful the world, astir excessively good. But portion national prosecutors are (generally speaking) precise very good, the stat supra should embarrass them. It means they are not taking capable pugnacious cases. It means they lone complaint radical that they already person convicted without a shadiness of a doubt. It is really a stat that reflects a fearful office, fearfulness of ever losing adjacent successful the look of evident injustice.

But erstwhile a erstwhile national authoritative “guarantees” a triumph connected the ground of the grounds against someone, 1 should astir apt instrumentality him oregon her astatine their word. Because they don’t lose, which is precisely Glenn Kirschner’s constituent erstwhile helium appeared with radio host Dean Obeidallah and said that helium could “guarantee” a condemnation fixed the existent grounds against erstwhile President Donald Trump.

[L]et’s retrieve it goes each the mode backmost to April erstwhile Donald Trump said “listen, successful the improbable lawsuit I suffer it volition beryllium a merchandise of fraud.”

Obviously, determination was nary bully religion ground to accidental the predetermination would beryllium fraudulent– it was inactive six months distant astatine that point. He was softening the crushed for his effort to bargain the election.

I mean each of this Dean, you cognize this is understandable to a 3rd grader if you enactment it together. You springiness maine 3 hours successful beforehand of a DC assemblage I warrant you they volition ballot blameworthy for Donald Trump having tried to corruptly bargain a statesmanlike election. The grounds is overwhelming, it’s incontrovertible and each we request is immoderate beardown prosecutors to measurement up and bring the darn lawsuit successful court.


Those of america who are obscurity adjacent arsenic bully oregon experienced lawyers arsenic Glenn Kirschner don’t uncertainty his statement. Our doubts laic successful whether immoderate beardown prosecutors beryllium (and person the authority) to measurement successful and bring the “darn lawsuit successful court.”

As we noted above, acold from being invulnerable and unbeatable, they are really timid and fearfulness losing much than they consciousness the request to instrumentality a changeable astatine justness adjacent successful circumstances wherever they don’t person arsenic overmuch grounds arsenic they “wish” they had.

With Trump, it is not a substance of volume, it’s whether they privation to lose, either successful tribunal oregon successful public. Someone needs to inquire Merrick Garland precisely however overmuch much grounds does helium request to beryllium Trump committed a crime.

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