Halo Infinite: 343 Industries Details New Changes Coming To The Fracture: Tenrai Event In January

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The archetypal lawsuit for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, Fracture: Tenrai, wrapped up a mates of weeks agone and portion it brought immoderate caller armor and crippled modes to the game, it was met with disapproval mostly surrounding the event-specific conflict walk and its associated progression, store cosmetics, and more. 

It seems 343 Industries listened to feedback due to the fact that yesterday, during a Halo Holiday 2021 livestream, the studio’s caput of design, Jeff Hook, elaborate assorted changes coming to Fracture: Tenrai erstwhile the lawsuit returns successful January, arsenic reported by Eurogamer

Hook said during the livestream that the conflict walk won’t person arsenic galore XP boosts and situation swaps successful it, arsenic overmuch of them volition beryllium removed and replaced with cosmetics. This addresses 1 of the main criticisms of the Fracture: Tenrai conflict walk successful that immoderate players felt determination were excessively galore XP boosts and situation swaps successful it and not capable cosmetic unlocks. 

The 2nd large alteration elaborate by Hook is that cosmetic items lone disposable successful the store, which charges players real-world wealth to unlock cosmetics specified arsenic armor kits, limb skins, and more, and the lawsuit walk volition present lone beryllium disposable wrong the Tenrai lawsuit itself, meaning you wont' beryllium capable to find them astatine different times. Hook besides commented connected the free-to-play facet of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. 

“One of the biggest challenges we knew we would person and nary mater what we did we would person this...which is changing Halo [from] 20 years of container merchandise models to a free-to-play exemplary is not thing that is going to beryllium inherently satisfying for astir of our players.”

Hook continued and said 343 Industries is continuing to enactment connected this model, further balancing it truthful that players don’t consciousness unfairly compelled to acquisition in-game items portion besides inactive feeling similar what’s disposable for acquisition is inactive thing charismatic to players. 

These comments travel conscionable a time aft highly-requested playlists for Slayer and different crippled modes were added to Halo Infinite. While waiting for the Fracture: Tenrai lawsuit to commencement backmost up successful January, cheque retired our thoughts connected the crippled successful Game Informer’s Halo Infinite review and past cheque retired these wild things players are doing successful Halo Infinite’s multiplayer after that. 

[Source: Eurogamer]

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