Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Teaser Shows Magic's First Technologically Advanced Plane

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It's nary concealed Magic: The Gathering is returning to 1 of its astir requested planes successful Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. Though a fewer years ago, Wizards of the Coast would person said it would beryllium extremely unlikely we'd spot the Japanese-inspired location represented successful its ain acceptable again. Today, we're getting our archetypal bully look astatine what Kamigawa is like successful the contiguous day, afloat of much agleam lights and advanced exertion than we've ever seen successful Magic before. 

Taking spot 1000 years aft the archetypal three-expansion Kamigawa artifact from 2005, Neon Dynasty takes the Japanese spirit of those classical sets and adds a distinct cyberpunk style. The little video attached to the tweet above shows each kinds of visuals not typically seen successful Magic. LED panda masks, a neon-lit metropolis, and what whitethorn oregon whitethorn not be holograms shriek that this is not conscionable a leap guardant for the plane, but the crippled itself.

Before Neon Dynasty, determination were analyzable machines and artifacts, but astir were magical successful quality and primitive-looking compared to what the Kamigawa residents are utilizing nowadays. Even guns are seldom seen printed connected cardboard, making the anticipation of a chaotic westbound level arsenic improbable arsenic a instrumentality to Kamigawa was. Hopefully, with Magic expanding its technological horizons by the mode of ninjas and samurai, we'll spot the concepts disposable to the crippled grow arsenic good down the line. Maybe Streets of New Cappena, different upcoming acceptable afloat of demon mobsters and noir aesthetics volition thin into more real-world modern weaponry.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena connected February 10, with the afloat carnal acceptable releasing a week later. We'll spot much of the enlargement contiguous during Wizard's play Magic Twitch stream, apt to amusement disconnected plenty of art, box and booster packaging, and immoderate cards and mechanics, arsenic is the norm erstwhile pre-orders for sets spell live.

How does the caller futuristic benignant of Kamigawa look to you? Which tropes oregon mechanics are you hoping to spot successful Neon Dynasty? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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