Larry Elder has put issues of race at the center of his campaign.

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Elections|Larry Elder has enactment issues of contention astatine the halfway of his campaign.

Sept. 14, 2021, 6:14 p.m. ET

Sept. 14, 2021, 6:14 p.m. ET

Larry Elder campaigning astatine  Monterey Park City Hall connected  Monday.
Credit...Alex Welsh for The New York Times

LOS ANGELES — Campaigning unneurotic connected Monday, President Biden and Gov. Gavin Newsom celebrated California, the country’s astir divers state, arsenic a potent illustration of multiracial ideology successful action.

On the different broadside of the aisle, issues of contention and diverseness are likewise astatine the halfway of the connection being enactment earlier voters by Larry Elder, the Republican vigor big who is the starring contender to regenerate Mr. Newsom.

His connection is that the United States agelong agone vanquished racism.

Mr. Elder’s prime of a run halt connected Monday successful Monterey Park, a metropolis successful eastbound Los Angeles County that is predominantly Asian American and has a sizable Latino population, seemed intended to observe diversity. But Mr. Elder, who is Black, besides utilized the sojourn to reason that systemic racism, which helium has called a “lie,” does not beryllium successful America anymore.

“No substance what connection we speak, what colour we share, adjacent what governmental stripe we brag about,” Betty Chu, the erstwhile politician of Monterey Park, told Mr. Elder’s supporters, “If it’s an ‘R,’ a ‘D,’ oregon ‘decline to state,’ the metropolis agelong stood for anti-hate and bringing radical together.”

Ms. Chu said that Mr. Elder’s occurrence arsenic a columnist and vigor host, and the information that helium attended nationalist schools and roseate to prominence from South Central Los Angeles, were impervious “that tegument colour doesn’t clasp you back.”

For galore of Mr. Elder’s supporters, particularly blimpish achromatic voters who accidental they are bushed of proceeding astir systemic racism aft past year’s societal unrest pursuing the execution of George Floyd, that connection is resonant.

Stacy Hallum, 47, a protagonist of Mr. Elder’s who attended his rally connected Monday, said she loved the diverseness of wherever she lives, but said that “just due to the fact that we’re white, we substance too.”

She continued: “I’m truthful bushed of the racism thing. We’re done with racism. I’m not privileged, fto maine archer you.”

Mr. Elder has often sought to prehend connected issues of race, describing his policies arsenic ones that volition payment radical of color.

On the contented of backstage versus nationalist education, helium has attacked Democrats similar Mr. Newsom for sending their children to backstage schoolhouse portion opposing charter schools and different forms of backstage oregon semiprivate education. Mr. Elder said specified moves permission nationalist schools to neglect their Black and brownish students.

“So what they’re acrophobic of is Larry Elder, from the hood, who attended a nationalist school, is going to interruption that stranglehold Democrats person implicit Black and brownish parents, specifically implicit the contented of schoolhouse choice,” helium said astatine the rally connected Monday.

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