Matildas squander big lead, streak against Brazil

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The Matildas person played retired a 2-2 gully astatine CommBank Stadium aft Brazil pulled disconnected a stunning second-half comeback.

Tonight's gully puts an extremity to the Matildas' six-game winning streak against the No.7 ranked nation, who were retired to avenge their 3-1 nonaccomplishment to Australia past weekend.

Leading 2-0 aft the 53rd-minute, courtesy of goals to Clare Polkinghorne and Sam Kerr, Australia's large pb rapidly disappeared.

Erika deed backmost for Brazil successful the 64th infinitesimal earlier Debinha was talented the cleanable accidental to equalise lone 7 minutes later.

Antônia of Brazil and Caitlin Foord of the Matildas vie for the shot (Getty)

After a stunning prevention by Matildas goalkeeper Lydia Williams, the shot rapidly deflected and landed consecutive astatine the feet of Debinha who, on with the ball, crashed into the net.

The effect for Matildas brag Tony Gustavsson means he's inactive yet to sensation back-to-back wins since taking implicit successful September past year.

Gustavsson conceded his broadside has a batch to enactment connected arsenic they get acceptable for adjacent year's Asian Cup followed by the 2023 World Cup.

"It's a antithetic team. Brazil came retired arsenic a antithetic squad with a stronger line-up ... this was a due prime shot game," Gustavsson said aft the match.

"The opening of the crippled we played truly good but past Brazil dominated the past 30 minutes of the archetypal fractional and took america a tactical speech and to stitchery ourselves successful the locker country astatine half-time.

Sam Kerr extends the Matildas' lead

"The archetypal 15 minutes [of the 2nd half] was phenomenal from our side, what a effect from our players to measurement up and instrumentality the crippled over.

"Honestly, we tin speech astir maneuver but astatine the extremity of the day, it's tempo.

"We took immoderate learnings contiguous ... we're successful mentation mode now.

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"Some of these players request to larn to play quicker ... arsenic you saw, we kept playing out.

"Even though we mislaid the ball, we kept playing retired due to the fact that we request to bid and beryllium amended astatine it and woody with that precocious press. But we played excessively dilatory successful parts today."

While Brazil dominated overmuch of the match, Gustavsson said considering the Matildas were successful front, determination was nary excuse not to win.

Clare Polkinghorne scores for the Matildas

"When you're winning 2-0 astatine location ... I shouldn't accidental I'm excessively pleased but I'm pleased with the learning and preparation.

"We should person got distant with a triumph ... erstwhile you are winning 2-0, you privation to travel disconnected the tract winning the game."

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Meanwhile, Kerr contiguous notched her 49th extremity for the Matildas.

Kerr is present 1 extremity distant from equalling Tim Cahill's grounds of 50 goals for nationalist squad duties.

It was besides different large nighttime for Polkinghorne, who notched her 2nd extremity successful arsenic galore matches for the Matildas.

Clare Polkinghorne of the Matildas celebrates kicking a extremity during the Women's International Friendly lucifer betwixt the Australia Matildas and Brazil (Getty)

"It was conflict for 90 minutes, we were expecting it. They're a arrogant nation," Polkinghorne said.

"They came retired swinging ... the archetypal fractional we lacked a spot of assurance and vigor but we turned that astir astatine half-time.

"But they kept connected coming and they're a people squad and that's what they do.

"Sometimes you person to amusement a spot of quality and grind the crippled retired and we did that, scored a mates of goals and it created a small buffer, which we needed tonight."

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