National Security Risk Jared Kushner Gets A Book Deal

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Jared Kushner, who the intelligence community deemed a national security risk, has been given a book deal to write about the Trump presidency.

Via: The Guardian:

Broadside said on Tuesday: “His book will be the definitive, thorough recounting of the administration and the truth about what happened behind closed doors.”
Trump insists he’s writing ‘book of all books’ but big publishers unlikely to touch it.

He may find himself in competition with his father-in-law, who has insisted he is writing “the book of all books” – even though major figures in US publishing said on Tuesday that no big house is likely to touch a memoir by the 45th president.

Kushner was a key component of the Trump administration’s failed coronavirus response that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. Kushner was tasked with bringing peace to the Middle East, which he failed at. Kushner was also the mastermind behind his father-in-law’s failed reelection campaign. The common thread running through everything that Jared Kushner touched was failure, so it is shocking that anyone would give a book deal.

What Jared Kushner did excel at was using his position in the executive branch to make money for himself. Kushner was denied a security clearance because his conflicts of interests made him a national security risk, but Trump overruled them and gave clearances to Kushner and his daughter Ivanka.

Kushner failed his way to the top and is now being rewarded for killing Americans and jeopardizing national security.

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