New Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Showcases Some Of The Machines We’ll Be Facing Off Against

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Horizon Forbidden West, the much-anticipated sequel to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn, volition yet deed PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 next February and it seems PlayStation is ramping up its selling for the game. 

That’s due to the fact that conscionable implicit a week aft a new trailer astatine The Game Awards 2021, Guerilla Games has released another trailer, this clip giving america a amended look astatine immoderate of the caller machines we’ll beryllium warring against successful the crippled connected February 18, 2022. Titled “Machines of the Forbidden West,” this trailer gives america a person look astatine the armadillo-like Rollerback, the flying pterodactyl-like Sunwing, and the Slitherfang robot snake. 

“In the Forbidden West, awe-inspiring machines regularisation the lands,” the trailer’s statement reads. "These technologically precocious robots person go Earth’s ascendant taxon and station a superior menace passim Aloy’s mission.” 

If the trailer is immoderate indication, these 3 enemies showcased are recovered either successful the much plain-like country of the West or, successful the Slitherfang’s case, on the beaches of what utilized to beryllium California. The trailer besides reveals immoderate caller characteristics of the robot dinos. For example, the Rollerback seems susceptible of reattaching armor that’s been knocked disconnected by enemies specified arsenic Aloy. Also, the Slitherfang is immense – like, truly really big, and we’re wholly not frightened astir having to combat it…totally not frightened astatine all. 

We besides get different look astatine the Tremortusk, which has been heavy featured successful erstwhile showcases of Horizon Forbidden West. It’s the elephant-like instrumentality we’ve seen earlier but successful this trailer, alternatively than being highlighted connected a beach, we spot it successful a snowy area. 

While waiting to spot much of Horizon Forbidden West, work astir however the game’s unfastened satellite “feels much live and much existent than ever” and past cheque retired this communicative astir however Forbidden West’s combat and exploration stress subordinate choice. Read astir however Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerilla Games is presently hiring for an MMO aft that. 

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