Nintendo Indie World Showcase Announced For Tomorrow

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Nintendo has immoderate indie games acceptable to show, and it sounds similar we’ll each beryllium getting a glimpse of them during the adjacent Indie World showcase. 

Announced connected Twitter today, Nintendo of America says a caller Indie World showcase volition aerial astatine 9 a.m. PT/Noon ET. As for what to expect, well, there’s truly nary telling – considering the sanction of the event, you tin evidently expect to spot immoderate indie games, but arsenic for which ones, lone Nintendo knows.

Perhaps we’ll yet get immoderate much accusation astir Hollow Knight: Silksong, which was revealed successful February 2019 arsenic DLC that transformed into a full-blown sequel

We whitethorn besides larn much astir Sports Story, different hotly-anticipated indie crippled announced implicit 2 years ago. There’s a accidental we don’t spot Sports Story oregon Silksong, though, truthful don’t fto the hype bid permission the presumption conscionable yet. Other possibilities see Metal Slug Tactics, Lumbearjack, and Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, each of which were shown backmost successful August’s Indie World Showcase

Nintendo says this Indie World showcase volition tally for 20 minutes, and if it’s thing similar erstwhile Indie World showcases, it will, arsenic the sanction implies, beryllium focused connected indie games … truthful don’t expect to spot Breath of the Wild 2 oregon Splatoon 3 here. For a look astatine what was antecedently shown during the past Indie World showcase, which happened backmost successful August, cheque retired Game Informer’s afloat breakdown

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