Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2021 Event Now Live, Eight New Skins Revealed

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It’s that vacation clip of the twelvemonth which means different Overwatch Winter Wonderland lawsuit is present live, bringing with it caller and fan-favorite crippled modes, 8 caller skins to the leader shooter, and more. 

As usual, determination are aggregate wintery modes present disposable to queue into successful Overwatch. In Freezethaw Elimination, 2 teams of 4 face-off, and whoever tin frost the full force squad archetypal wins. In Mei’s Snowball Offensive, 2 teams of six Mei’s look disconnected with a caller perk of her accustomed gun: alternatively of an endothermic blaster, Mei’s limb present shoots a single, super-powered snowball. Everyone dies successful 1 hit, too, but charging up a snowball takes time, truthful don’t miss. 

In Snowball Deathmatch, 8 players volition look disconnected successful a free-for-all lucifer wherever everyone tin store up to 3 lethal snowballs successful Mei’s blaster. Defeat arsenic galore enemies arsenic you tin with these snowballs but purpose good due to the fact that reloading snowballs takes time. The last Winter Wonderland lawsuit is Yeti Hunter, which is simply a six-player brawl that pits 5 Meis against 1 Yeti with Winston’s abilities. If the players decision the Yeti, they win, but if the Yeti defeats the players, they lose. 

Throughout each of this, players tin gain unsocial rewards conscionable by playing matches. Here’s what you tin gain successful Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. 

Week 1 – December 16 done December 23: 

  • Play 9 Games: Wooltide Tracer Player Icon
  • Play 18 Games: Wooltide Tracer Spray
  • Play 27 Games: Wooltide Tracer Epic Skin

Week 2 – December 23 done December 30

  • Play 9 Games: Mistletoe Symmetra Player Icon
  • Play 18 Games: Mistletoe Symmetra Spray
  • Play 27 Games: Mistletoe Symmetria Epic Skin

Week 3 – December 30 done January 6:

  • Play 9 Games: Peppermint Bark Brigitte Player Icon
  • Play 18 Games: Peppermint Bark Brigitte Spray
  • Play 27 Games: Peppermint Bark Brigitte Epic Skin

As acold arsenic skins disposable successful loot boxes, determination are 8 caller ones: Ice Wraith (Genji), Reindeer (Orisa), Sleighing (D.VA), Snowboarder (Baptiste), Snowman (Wrecking Ball), Mistletoe (Symmetra), Peppermint Bark (Brigitte), and Wooltide (Tracer). Here’s what each looks like: 

Skins archetypal released successful erstwhile Winter Wonderland events for Overwatch are besides available. You tin presumption each the skins successful this year’s event, arsenic good arsenic the emotes and intros successful loot boxes, here

Are you jumping into this year’s Winter Wonderland event? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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