San Antonio-based USAA under fire after Tucker Carlson calls U.S. general 'a pig'

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San Antonio-based USAA is facing calls to halt advertizing connected Fox News aft Tucker Carlson called the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff a "pig" and "stupid," among different insults. 

In a June 25 conception discussing captious contention theory, Carlson takes purpose astatine Gen. Mark Milley, a Trump appointee, aft the wide appeared successful beforehand of Congress past week.

"I bash deliberation it's important for those of america successful azygous to beryllium unfastened minded and beryllium wide read," Milley told members of the House Armed Services Committee. "I privation to recognize achromatic rage and I'm white. I privation to recognize it. So what is it that caused thousands of radical to battle this [U.S. Capitol] and effort to overturn the U.S. Constitution." 

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After airing that clip, Carlson, who has ne'er served successful the military, added: "Hard to judge that antheral wears a uniform. He's that unimpressive."

During the 10-minute segment, Carlson besides attacks Milley's bravery, intelligence, and respectability earlier adding: "[Milley's] not conscionable a pig, he's stupid." Gen. Milley went to Princeton. Carlson went to Trinity College, a wide arts assemblage successful Connecticut.

In the aftermath of Carlson's attack, USAA has faced expanding unit from immoderate customers to region advertizing from Fox News. As the Express-News points out, USAA's much than 13 cardinal members are exclusively subject personnel, veterans, and their families, which puts the security supplier successful a peculiarly precarious situation. 

— Veterans For Responsible Leadership (@VetsForRL) June 25, 2021

Dear @USAA, I’m a subject vet. Been a member/customer for 3 decades. Been wholly blessed w/outstanding work you’ve provided me&my family. Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson called Gen. Milley “stupid” and a “pig.” That’s unacceptable. Pls halt advertizing connected @FoxNews. Thanks.

— Kenny BooYah! ?––🏾 (@KwikWarren) June 26, 2021

I person been a subordinate of USAA for 51 years. It is simply a large institution & I person ever kept my security and recognition cards with them. I conscionable recovered retired that USAA is simply a sponsor of Tucker Carlson connected Fox. He called CJCS, a distinguished officer, a pig and stupid.

— Joseph J Collins (@josephcollins77) June 26, 2021

I can’t for the beingness of maine judge that @USAA inactive sponsors Tucker Carlson oregon adjacent Fox News astatine all. How overmuch bash they person to smear the US subject that you correspond earlier capable is enough? Is nett much important than the grant of those you assertion to support? Enough is enough.

— Fred Wellman (@FPWellman) June 25, 2021

According to the Express-News, USAA was not instantly disposable to comment. 

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