Sea otters use muscles to chemically generate heat without shivering

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By Michael Le Page

sea otter

Sea otters person an antithetic mode of staying warm

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The muscles of sea otters person a acold greater capableness to crook nutrient straight into vigor than those of immoderate different carnal of a akin size. The findings explicate however these tiny animals enactment lukewarm successful acold waters.

Most marine mammals person ample bodies insulated by a heavy furniture of blubber to assistance them clasp heat. Sea otters are comparatively tiny and usually measurement betwixt 14 and 45 kilograms, with lone the aerial trapped successful their fur for insulation.

They person the densest fur of immoderate mammal, but this isn’t capable to support them warm, truthful they person to pain tons of energy. Their metabolic complaint is astir 3 times higher than mean for a mammal of their size, which makes it the highest of immoderate mammal that weighs much than a kilogram.

“We knew these guys had this precocious metabolic rate, but we weren’t truly definite wherever this vigor was coming from,” says Traver Wright astatine Texas A&M University successful College Station. So helium and his squad studied tiny pieces of surviving musculus insubstantial from some bluish oversea otters (Enhydra lutris kenyoni) and confederate oversea otters (Enhydra lutris nereis). It wasn’t indispensable to termination animals to get the specimens – for instance, immoderate samples came from rescued animals that were undergoing country to dainty injuries.

Muscles make vigor erstwhile they determination and galore animals shiver erstwhile they get cold, but changeless shivering isn’t a large strategy for a carnal that lives and hunts successful chilly waters. Instead, the mitochondria wrong the otters’ musculus cells nutrient vigor directly.

All mitochondria usage the vigor derived from “burning” nutrient to pump retired protons, creating a proton gradient. Normally, erstwhile protons travel backmost into mitochondria during this process, this imaginable vigor is utilized to marque an energy-rich molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This fuels processes that necessitate energy, specified arsenic musculus contractions.

In oversea otters, however, protons tin travel backmost into mitochondria without producing ATP, creating vigor without the muscles moving. Some different animals besides usage this instrumentality to enactment warm, but the researchers recovered that oversea otters person a acold greater capableness to bash this than astir each different creatures.

“Their capableness to make vigor is truly astatine higher levels than we’ve seen, but for immoderate precise tiny mice,” says Wright.

A akin process happens successful brownish fat, a signifier of abdominous that is contiguous successful immoderate animals, including humans. But oversea otters person small abdominous of immoderate kind, says Wright, whereas their muscles relationship for astir fractional of their assemblage mass. In otters that measurement much than astir 9 kilograms, their skeletal muscles unsocial tin make capable vigor to lukewarm the full body.

The downside of this process is the magnitude of substance required. Sea otters walk up to fractional their time feeding and devour up to a 4th of their assemblage wide successful nutrient each day. “It’s metabolically costly,” says Wright. “These guys person to devour a batch of food.”

Journal reference: Science, DOI: 10.1126/science.abf4557

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