Square Enix Reveals Six Guardians Of The Galaxy Adidas Sneakers

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Square Enix and Marvel person revealed a caller collaboration with Adidas successful the signifier of six caller sneakers inspired by the universe’s astir improbable team. 

Announced today, this postulation volition motorboat successful 2022 and diagnostic six unsocial shoes, each inspired by 1 of the Guardians. There are 2 based connected Eidos Montreal’s instrumentality connected Star-Lord, and past 1 for Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket. However, Square Enix did not uncover the terms for immoderate of these sneakers truthful we’ll apt larn much sometime adjacent year. 

“A cardinal starting constituent for the plan of each sneaker was the unsocial ocular cues from each of the characters – whether it’s the stitching details connected Star-Lord’s leather jacket, Groot’s earthy colour palette, oregon Drax’s unmistakeable tattoos,” Adidas elder decorator James Liu said successful a press release. “From there, we wanted to inlay assorted plan find elements that helped further bring the communicative of scope quality to life. Bringing it each unneurotic crossed the postulation are unsocial signifiers for this archetypal instrumentality connected Guardians of the Galaxy arsenic a Super Hero squad – with matching sockliners, bent tags, labels, and packaging.” 

For much accusation astir the collaboration and however the shoes came to be, you tin work Square Enix’s afloat interrogation with Liu here. As for what the shoes are, here’s what you tin expect: Star-Lord Forum Hi 84, Star-Lord Forum Mid, Gamora ZX 2K Boost 2.0, Drax Ozelia, Groot NMD R1, and Rocket ZX 1K Boost. Here’s what each looks like: 

If you haven’t yet played Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, you should – it’s great, and you tin work astir wherefore successful Game Informer’s Guardians of the Galaxy review. Find retired which awards Guardians of the Galaxy took location astatine The Game Awards 2021 and past read astir this spot that added ray-tracing to the game aft that. 

Are you going to effort to bargain a brace of these shoes? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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