Star withdraws after players told to take a knee

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Updated: Cricket South Africa has confirmed superstar keeper-batsman Quinton de Kock opted not to "take the knee" aft helium withdrew from tonight's T20 World Cup clash against the West Indies.

De Kock's withdrawal sparked treatment crossed societal media aft the CSA initially announced that the 28-year-old had pulled retired of the lucifer lone owed to "personal reasons".

But not agelong after, CSA released a connection confirming de Kock's withdrawal was owed to his determination to not partake successful taking a knee.

"Cricket South Africa (CSA) has noted the idiosyncratic determination by South African wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock not to 'take the knee' up of Tuesday's crippled against the West Indies," the connection read.

South Africa's Quinton de Kock. (AP)

"All players had been required, successful enactment with a directive of the CSA Board connected Monday evening, to "take the knee" successful a agreed and accordant stance against racism.

"This is besides the planetary motion against racism that has been adopted by sportspeople crossed sporting codes due to the fact that they recognise the powerfulness of athletics to bring radical together.

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"After considering each applicable issues, including the state of prime of players, the Board had made it wide it was imperative for the squad to beryllium seen taking a basal against racism, particularly fixed SA's history.

"The Board's presumption was that portion diverseness tin and should find look successful galore facets of regular lives, this did not use erstwhile it came to taking a basal against racism.

"The Board volition await a further study from squad absorption earlier deciding connected the adjacent steps. All players are expected to travel this directive for the remaining games of the World Cup.

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"CSA acknowledgment each different Proteas players for agreeing to unite and marque specified an important nationalist basal against racism."

Prior to his withdrawal, Cricket South Africa had issued a nationalist directive to its cricketers to instrumentality a genu anterior to play successful enactment of the Black Lives Matter movement.

That connection followed media reports highlighting a photograph of South African players anterior to their crippled against Australia connected Saturday, which showed the Proteas taking varied approaches to the protestation against racism.

Some players knelt with a fist successful the air, others stood with a fist successful the air, portion immoderate stood with hands down their back.

Temba Bavuma of South Africa takes the genu up of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup lucifer betwixt South Africa and West Indies connected October 26, 2021 successful Dubai. (Getty)

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"The CSA board... unanimously agreed to contented a directive requiring each Proteas players to follow a accordant and agreed stance against racism by taking a genu anterior to the commencement of their remaining World Cup matches," the connection read.

"Concerns were raised that the antithetic postures taken by squad members successful enactment of the BLM inaugural created an unintended cognition of disparity oregon deficiency of support."

- Additional reporting with Marc Churches

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