The Top 10 Game Boy Games

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Today marks the 30th day of the North American merchandise of Nintendo's archetypal handheld gaming device, the Game Boy. Released successful 1989, the Game Boy was a successor of sorts to the hugely palmy NES, but was wholly handheld. To commemorate the juncture we decided to statement our 10 favourite games released for the archetypal handheld. You could argue the Game Boy and its successor the Game Boy Color were fundamentally the aforesaid system, but successful bid to support this database arsenic adjacent to the archetypal Game Boy arsenic possible, we decided not to see large Game Boy Color games similar Pokémon Gold & Silver (which was playable connected the archetypal Game Boy, but released with the Game Boy Color logo connected its spine) and Color-exclusive games similar Metal Gear Solid (Metal Gear: Ghost Babel successful Japan). We besides skipped games that received simultaneous Game Boy/NES releases, similar Dr. Mario. With those caveats successful place, we anticipation you bask debating our database arsenic overmuch arsenic we did!

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